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Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Hose Cooling System 230GE 250GD 300GD460832182380-035-0522.50
Hose Cooling System 230GE460832259480-035-1039.00
Hose Cooling System 230GE 280GE 300GD460832179480-035-1116.50
Hose Coolant Heater460506003580-035-1844.40
Plug Wire Cyl 3102150501880-039-03tba.
Suppressor Filter 230GE 250gd 0290003030001156790180-040-2789.50
Distributor Cap 230GE Swiss Army000158480280-041-0865.82
Rotor Distributor 230GE000158343180-041-1012.61
Turnsignal Lamp front Amber RH and LH000820722180-053-0156.00
Lamp indicator Side Amber LH or RH001822752080-053-0818.74
O2 Sensor009542431780-069-1084.80
Boot Shifter Transfer Case460284099780-091-0337.63
Wheel Cap Puch G-Wagon "Puch Logo"460401012580-093-0222.61
Bushing Sway Bar309320007380-095-182.35
Washer Outer Control Arm front or rear460352047680-097-0511.76
Bushing Control Arm rear461352016580-098-0276.27
Bushing Panhard Bar rear or front460352056580-098-0922.50
Lining Brake Shoe rear set of 4602423191080-100-2065.10
Spring & Pin Kit Brakes front000421479180-101-0417.18
Brake Rotor front 230GE non vented460421001280-101-0772.50
Brake Pads front 230GE008420402080-101-0946.50
Brake Hose front 230GE 280GE 300GD461420034880-104-0557.78
Ignition Switch116462009380-107-2985.92
Seal Kit Power Steering Box310460016180-108-3387.58
Wheelhousing front RH460620675080-121-01673.58
Reinforcment Panel front lower460620201680-121-18157.43
Rubber Trim Door 711mm RH or LH460690096280-126-0894.62
Rubber Trim front Fender RH or LH461680007480-126-11135.04
Fender front LH460880190680-141-12579.60
Fender front RH460880200680-141-12579.60
Grill front460888081580-142-01257.61
Mud Flap rear RH460889100580-143-1346.82
Mud Flap rear LH460889110580-143-1346.82
Bumper front460520057080-147-01677.61
Wiper Pivot RH909820424680-151-0554.40
Wiper Pivot LH909820434680-151-0551.58
Displaying Parts: 51..86 Pages: [ 1 2 ] « Previous 
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