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PINZGAUER Diesel 716/718: Parts List
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Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Outside rearview Mirror LH or RH4608100316246-02042.61
Bracket Mirror LH4608100414246-024123.76
Bracket Mirror RH4608100514246-024107.20
Mirror fits Big Bracket only7581760080246-02958.06
Bracket only Side Board7161741540248-01779.00
Support top Bar7161750312260-01919.20
Cover Rail for Soft Top7161872041-B40261-00961.87
Door Handle inside LH0007600261263-02245.00
Corner Angle front RH upper Door7161765222266-01763.41
Corner Angle front LH upper Door7161765232266-01782.16
Frame front LH upper Door7161765291266-020281.72
Door Handle with Cylinder and Key3817660901267-02926.50
Tailgate lower7161770602-55271-0041920.00
Spacer Latch rear4607430641271-0235.21
Plate for Striker7161740131271-02422.16
Hinge Flip Down Tailgate7161771300272-000125.00
Pin upper Hinge Tailgate4619880158272-00521.81
Bushing Hinge Tailgate4609925005272-0069.50
Pin lower Hinge Tailgate4609885158272-01023.64
Cover Vinyl Over Engine Hood7161833550276-0071054.54
Nameplate "Pinzgauer" on Mirror Bracket7161831160282-02252.29
Glow Plug 24 Volt Bosch 02502010227161090330292-01226.50
Sending Unit Water Temp7161060221292-01644.13
Sending Unit Temp Glow Plugs049919501292-01824.50
Alternator 24 Volt7161090140296-001343.46
Fan BeltD077530030297-00128.50
Drive Bendix Starter Bosch 90033362937161095472298-02536.50
Toggle Switch Dash 1 Pole7161860140299-00043.50
Lens Dash Light Turnsignal7161860321299-0031.71
Lens Dash Light Oil Pressure0035455190299-0056.33
Lens Dash Light Charging0035452490299-0063.80
Blind Cover Dash Switch7161860251299-0083.75
Lens Dash Switch Blower Motor7161860171299-0091.99
Switch Blower Motor Heater7161860110299-01027.17
Bulb inside Switch DashD726010119299-0111.18
Lens Dash Light Preheat7161860271299-0121.71
Lens Dash Light Parking Brake0035456290299-0134.77
Blind Cover Dash Light0009973535299-0142.87
Dash Light Housing0005451630299-0156.76
Lens Dash Switch Warning Flasher7161860181299-0156.99
Headlight Switch7161860100299-01729.50
Lens Dash Light Headlight7161860161299-0181.99
Toggle Switch Lockers7162860480299-02435.70
Lamp Turnsignal7581850030302-02634.43
Light License Plate Big Version4608200162303-00276.86
Bulb for Big License Plate LightD726010169303-0032.75
License Plate Light Small Version7161850280303-00822.67
Bulb Interior Roof Lamp0005446394304-0191.65
Wiper Arm RH Drive Version only7161730130321-01939.42
Shift Lever Cover7161810061332-00576.16
Displaying Parts: 351..400 of 403 Pages: [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ] « Previous | Next »
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