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» All parts with a U at the end of the part number are used parts.
» The parts group refers to the group and drawing numbers in the original parts book.
   (Order Number: SAV8007).
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Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Seal Locker Shift Fork front or rear900381425-114.56
Cover Locker Handle Bearing700128054125-3227.73
Belt Governor900440930-299.50
Spring Carb Linkage250111530-411.80
Rubber Bushing Locker Handle700228055131-3323.50
Rubber Bushing 4x4 Handle5011243535-0232.00
Rubber Gasket Oil Bath Cleaner700108090137-026.33
Boot Airfilter Housing504108010137-0715.20
Seal Air Intake - Carburetor700208257137-094.90
Intake Manifold for Weber700208099237-12356.16
Intake Manifold for NDIX Zenith 2 Barrel700508028237-12377.58
Nut Carb Mount and Throttle Shaft700108035137-14A1.25
Flange Weber Carb - Intake502108006137-195.51
Gasket Weber Carb - Intake502108007137-205.25
Gasket Zenith Carb - Intake700108017137-207.60
insulating Flange Zenith Carb - Intake7001080171F37-2017.73
Air Filter50110883237-4918.20
Pump Pressure Valve Carb Zenith NDIX 32700108415040-10319.20
Carburetor Zenith NDIX 32700108015041-00882.00
Seal Kit Carburetor Weber32SAV863941-0014.50
Gasket upper Weber Carb504108402141-0214.48
Control Lamp Red on Dash700185009041-1015.20
Throttle Shaft Weber Carburetor504108415241-1516.00
Ignition Switch Non Swiss ArmySAV155541-1677.18
Key Ignition/HeadlightSAV863541-1720.74
Gasket Kit Carburetor ZenithSAV850241-19925.60
Spring Return Weber Carburetor504108420141-204.56
Pushbutton Switch Starter700186007041-2115.96
Idle Adj Screw Weber Carburetor504108428141-289.50
Float Carburetor Weber504108447241-4774.67
Repair Kit Fuel Pump WeberSAV926245-0128.50
Gasket Fuel Pump Cover501108310145-102.50
Fuel Filter fits inside Glass Bowl700108302245-3210.64
Seal Fuel Filter Glass Type700108304145-342.50
Electric Fuel Pump700108510046-01108.84
Turn Signal Switch700186006046-01159.00
Bracket Turnsignal Switch700186010046-0849.50
Flasher Relay701285002046-1534.13
Headlight Dimmer SwitchSAV863646-2046.61
Switch Brake Light5011360646-3518.50
Locking Fuel Cap HaflingerSAV101351-0823.50
Gasket Fuel Cap2764251-092.50
Flange Fuel Pump5011080951-108.50
Gasket Fuel Pump5011081051-112.18
Cover and Gasket for Fuel Pump Hole700108501251-6724.50
Exhaust Manifold700112039255-01259.00
Gasket Exhaust Manifold5011120955-042.65
Gasket Preheat Pipe5011082755-052.25
Muffler Exhaust Round700112030255-06245.00
Muffler Exhaust Oval700312101255-06318.00
Displaying Parts: 201..250 of 265 Pages: [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 ] « Previous | Next »
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