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» All parts with a U at the end of the part number are used parts.
» The parts group refers to the group and drawing numbers in the original parts book.
   (Order Number: SAV8007).
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Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Bearing inner Axle Shaft900664805-1928.58
Rod Bearing 49-45 Std501103006005-2167.50
Rod Bearing 49- 44.50 Under Size501303006005-2149.50
Limiting Strap front or rear700554025205-2173.50
Seat Rubber Strap5011795105-227.50
Piston 80.50mm with Rings700303011605-22210.00
Bearing Outer Axle Shaft900662205-2281.07
Nut RH Tread Axle Shaft700134245105-248.57
Piston Ring Set Std700203013105-2452.80
Nut LH Tread Axle Shaft700134246105-24A12.94
Main Bearing rear 60-49 Std501101088105-27209.00
Main Bearing rear 60-48.75 Under501201088105-27224.00
Main Bearing rear 60-48.50 Under501301088105-27224.00
Main Bearing front 55-49 Std501101089105-28173.00
Main Bearing front 55-48.75 Under501201089105-28186.66
Main Bearing front 55-48.50 Under501301089105-28186.66
Bushing Cranksaft 3 front5011010805-2918.13
Plug Floor Pan Side700161523105-305.25
Stud Wheel700234015105-3017.35
Seal Crankshaft front900380105-309.50
Seat Frame Rear RH700179002205-31149.33
Seat Frame Rear LH700179102205-31149.33
Seal Crankshaft rear900380205-318.87
Seal Wheel Flange900380505-315.21
Bushing Strut Axle700141203105-323.80
Pulley/Nut on Crankshaft700102002005-33139.29
Drag Link Complete700243046005-33A98.50
Seat Bottom Cushion Rear LH or RH700179055205-3493.50
Rubber Strap Windshield5011714605-359.80
Tab Washer LH700143047105-4011.49
Bolt Flywheel501102043205-4A103.09
Gasket Kit 5 Speed TransmissionSAV654006-0018.13
Brake Shoes rear Relined Set 4SAV860606-01150.00
Seat Rubber Strap Small5011795206-047.50
Hook Small Seat Rubber Strap5011795706-052.30
Seal Windshield Frame to Body700272072106-0532.00
Seat Bottom Cushion Front LH or RH700179050206-0698.50
Seat Back Cushion Front or Rear LH or RH700379051206-0779.50
Spring Brake lower700134211106-096.50
Rifle Holder Swiss Army461860146906-10101.71
Spring Brake upper700134098106-108.50
Nameplate " Steyr Puch " front700171150206-1037.50
Nameplate "Steyr Puch"7001711502H06-1037.50
Rifle Holder Swiss Army7001830590U06-1079.00
Bracket upper Rifle Support7001830581-5506-116.17
Bracket upper Rifle Support7001830581U06-113.00
Support lower Rifle Swiss Army7111831002U06-1517.00
Brake Lever RH700135093206-1682.21
Brakehook RH700135096106-18116.94
Rubber Bumper Windshield700171086206-209.50
Displaying Parts: 101..150 of 265 Pages: [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 ] « Previous | Next »
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