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MERCEDES-UNIMOG: Engine Type 180
» Click on Part Description for details, picture and online ordering.
» All parts with a U at the end of the part number are used parts.
» The parts group refers to the table and drawing numbers in the original engine parts book.
    (Order Number: SAV8042).
» Use the quick search to find parts by part number, description or group number.
Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Gasket Cover Engine180011037901-451.95
Bolt Flywheel180032057103-164.50
Pilot Bearing ClutchSAV271303-2119.08
Seal rear Crankshaft000997904103-3312.00
Gear Camshaft121052030104-0365.00
Timing Chain000997709404-2065.00
Spring Rocker Arm180993122504-940.90
Insultating Flange Carburetor180071058105-10514.50
Bottom Plate Carburetor180070007005-10629.00
Nut Carburetor Mounting000990085105-1080.85
Gasket Center Carburetor000071258005-304.50
Jet Starter Fuel000071123705-516.50
Injection Pipe #3000071044905-559.50
Jet Acc Pump 55000071058605-559.50
Pressure Valve000070124605-6619.50
Starter Body Carb000071082805-6889.50
Gasket Carburetor upper000071268005-885.00
Screen Filter in Fuel Pump000091083906-2412.50
Gasket Fuel Pump181091008006-380.65
Spacer Fuelpump181091008106-398.75
Gasket Fuelpump180091018006-424.50
Push Rod Fuel Pump180091020806-4913.50
Moulded Hose Air Filter121094029106-826.50
Thermo Spring Exhaust Manifold153143001007-179.50
Spring Exhaust Manifold121993042507-203.50
Gasket Manifold180141006207-2419.50
Solenoid Starter Bosch 0331301001712109590008-0582.50
Distributor Cap000158120209-0295.00
Cap Distributor Conv KitSAV262809-0214.78
Break Points Distributor Version 2710109523009-078.50
Break Points Distributor Bosch 12370130107101095230B09-0723.50
Rotor Distributor501209016209-0810.50
Condenser Distributor710109524209-099.75
Spark Plug Wire #1000150231809-4629.00
Spark Plug Wire #3000150251809-4729.00
Spark Plug Bosch712109029209-6089.00
Spark Plugs for Conversion KitSAV262909-603.95
Spark Plug Military ShieldedSAV620009-6018.50
Spark Plug Military Shielded Set of 6SAV6200-609-6099.00
Housing Oil Filter000184970110-18110.00
O-Ring Oil Filter Housing181997034110-373.50
Oil Filter includes O-RingSAV101110-388.30
Gasket Oilfilter Housing121184008010-458.50
Oil Pressure Relief Valve114180021510-5028.50
Gasket Belt Tensioner180206018011-893.50
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