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PINZGAUER Gasoline 710/712: Parts Drawings
» Click on Part Description for details, picture and online ordering.
» All parts with a U at the end of the part number are used parts.
» Click parts group to show a parts drawing view.
» Use the quick search to find parts by part number, description or group number.
Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Cover Plate7111710101-3009-40-0119.50
Cover upper Center Console7111710101U09-40-0125.00
indication Plate Shifter711383051109-40-026.50
Nameplate "Max Speed" on Console 4x4711383052109-40-036.50
Nameplate "Max Speed" on Console 6x6712383230109-40-0311.50
indicating Plate Transfer Case711183053109-40-048.50
Nameplate "Transfer Case" on Console711383053109-40-0422.08
T-Head Screw900980309-40-050.57
Lock Vibrex Console Plate/Dash711171011009-40-063.95
indication Plate "front Diff Lock"711183056109-40-076.50
indication Plate "rear Diff Lock"711183055109-40-086.50
indication Plate "4x4"711183054109-40-096.50
Control Light Locker/4x4 New Style711171505009-40-1018.50
Socket Bulb Locker LightsSAV541209-40-103.90
Bulb 24V 2W for DashSAV350809-40-110.75
Headlight Switch MB 000 545 14 04700186008009-40-12175.00
Headlight Switch7001860080U09-40-1299.50
Wiper Switch711186017009-40-1454.50
Wiper Switch7111860170U09-40-1425.00
Switch Starter Button711286016009-40-1575.50
Switch Blower / Interior Light50118610009-40-169.50
Ignition Key Except Swiss Army700386804109-40-199.88
Ignition Key Swiss Army711186502109-40-1917.67
Ignition Switch Swiss ArmySAV155009-40-20249.00
Ignition Switch Non Swiss ArmySAV155509-40-2077.18
Cover for Gauge Hole711186015109-40-2114.50
Operation Meter711286003009-40-22201.15
Gauge Voltmeter 24 VoltSAV141409-40-2246.50
Oil Temp Gauge KitSAV140209-40-22.247.20
Tachometer Gauge VDO 6000rpm KitSAV140409-40-22.3116.32
Fuel Gauge VDOSAV140009-40-2332.50
instr Plate712183251109-40-2421.17
Speedometer Electronic Mph/KmhSAV140609-40-25257.00
Speedometer Electronic Kmh/MphSAV140709-40-25257.00
Angle Pc SpeedoSAV563209-40-25A15.00
Speedometer Cable inner700186003209-40-2630.03
Speedometer Cable700186002209-40-2773.47
Speedometer Drive711186503009-40-27A12.82
Grommet Speedometer Cable700161200109-40-294.27
Flasher Relay fits All ModelsSAV143009-40-359.50
Plug in Flasher Upgrade for Dash LightSAV143209-40-352.50
Relay Headlight711385015009-40-4472.50
Switch Warning Light Non Swiss711186031009-40-45171.97
Switch Emergency Flasher Swiss ArmySAV143509-40-45114.50
Bulb 24V 3w Warning SwitchSAV350709-40-460.95
Switch Emergency Flasher Non Swiss711486031009-40-48128.34
Bulb Socket711186014009-40-498.50
Sockets indicator Lights7111860140U09-40-496.00
Combined indicating Light711186013009-40-50194.61
Display Plate Yellow for Light7111860130A09-40-503.00
Display Plate Yellow for Heater7111860130B09-40-503.50
Display Plate Blue7111860130C09-40-503.50
Spring Dash Lights7111860130D09-40-503.50
Bracket indicator Light7111860130Z09-40-503.50
Indicator Light on Dash711286013009-40-50224.56
Clamping Spring711186023109-40-515.50
Dioden Housing711285069009-40-5489.94
Dioden Housing711185069009-40-5585.09
Dioden Housing7111850690U09-40-5555.00
Plate for Circuit Breakers700171220209-40-5615.00
Rubber Gasket for Curcuit Breakers700171221109-40-5712.50
Breaker Switch 8amp710185076009-40-5922.55
Number Plate Circuit Breakers711183069109-40-608.50
Number Plate for Circuit Breakers7111830691U09-40-603.50
Dash Panel7113860072-9509-40-6398.00
Dash Panel7113860072U09-40-6346.00
Switch Symbol711383058109-40-6420.86
Fuse Box Non Swiss Army501385018009-40-7034.21

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