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PINZGAUER Gasoline 710/712: Parts Drawings
» Click on Part Description for details, picture and online ordering.
» All parts with a U at the end of the part number are used parts.
» Click parts group to show a parts drawing view.
» Use the quick search to find parts by part number, description or group number.
Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Ground Strap Starter-Bellhousing712109014209-01-0131.10
Ground Strap712109016209-01-0219.50
Rubber Mount Starter712109006209-01-0882.06
Bolt Starter Mount900136209-01-100.75
Bolt Starter900136409-01-10.10.85
Wire Battery Neg to Switch711385025009-01-1147.10
Relay Battery Switch711185038009-01-1519.50
Battery Switch711185018009-01-1743.50
Ground Strap711185024109-01-2017.50
Knob Battery Terminal700285056209-01-2219.50
Knob Battery Terminal7002850562U09-01-229.50
Wing Nut Battery BracketD00315004209-01-260.82
Spring Battery Bracket128164109-01-281.14
Battery Bracket711164037209-01-2917.37
Battery Bracket7111640372U09-01-2914.00
Rod Battery Bracket711164039109-01-307.13
Battery Base700161100109-01-3216.53
Battery Tray711464030109-01-3371.81
Battery Tray7114640301U09-01-3356.50
Spark Plug Bosch712109029209-01-3589.00
Spark Plugs for Conversion KitSAV262909-01-353.95
Spark Plug Military ShieldedSAV620009-01-3518.50
Spark Plug Military Shielded Set of 4SAV6200-409-01-3566.00
Ignition Plug Wire Set Military StyleSAV103509-01-39235.00
Plug Wire Conversion KitSAV262609-01-39195.00
Plug Wires for Conv KitSAV263209-01-3948.00
Wiring Alternator712109009009-01-4423.09
Cable Clip712109018109-01-460.55
Ground Strap Alternator712109013209-01-4913.64
Ground Strap7121090132U09-01-498.50
Module for 4500rpm indicator7112850360R09-01-5295.00
Resistor Ignition Coil Bosch710109501009-01-5498.50
Bracket Distributor5011090609-01-5529.62
Bracket Distributor50110906U09-01-5518.00
Seal Ring Shaft Dist5011090709-01-562.49
Pinion Distributor712109001109-01-57106.50
Gear Distributor7121090011U09-01-5762.00
Thrust Washer712109008109-01-593.99
Tension Spring712109007109-01-601.98
Cable Distributor Side to Coil7121855410U09-01-6349.00
Voltage RegulatorSAV260609-01-6536.59
Wire Coil to Suppressor712185542009-01-6688.50
Wire Coil to Suppressor7121855420U09-01-6675.00
Suppressor Ignition Coil700185104009-01-68129.00
Suppressor Ignition Coil7001851040U09-01-6895.00
Ignition Coil MB 0001581503 Bo 0221112002710109521009-01-70240.17
Ignition Coil MB 0001581503 Bo 02211120027101095210U09-01-70155.00
Ignition Coil for Conv KitSAV263009-01-7054.02
Spark Plug Wire Coil to Dist710109016209-01-7127.50
Protecting Cap (Rubber)711185077109-01-724.05
Oil Pressure Switch501407074209-01-7318.86
Wire Battery to Starter711185022209-01-7531.07
Protect Cap460546003509-01-766.25
Key Battery Switch711185508109-01-7712.35
Key Plastic Battery Switch7111855081R09-01-779.90
Nut Plate712109022209-01-8.122.59
Plug Socket, 2 Pole7111850480U09-01-8334.50
Screening Unit700185103009-01-91535.74
Key Battery Switch Austrian Army711285508109-01-9419.50

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