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PINZGAUER Gasoline 710/712: Parts Drawings
» Click on Part Description for details, picture and online ordering.
» All parts with a U at the end of the part number are used parts.
» Click parts group to show a parts drawing view.
» Use the quick search to find parts by part number, description or group number.
Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Reservoir Hydraulic Fluid Lockers710128349007-15-0332.26
Hose Reservoir to Lockers710128353107-15-064.25
T-Piece for Fluid Locker/4x4710128213107-15-077.50
Connect Pipe Master Cyl Diff710128217107-15-0818.81
Elbow for Fluid 4x4/Lockers710128212107-15-096.50
Rubber Elbow T-Piece Kit Locker 710SAV586307-15-0916.50
Rubber Elbow T-Piece Kit Locker 712SAV586407-15-0923.50
Screw Hose Adapter710128211107-15-1010.20
Screw Hose Adapter7101282111U07-15-106.50
Grommet on Lockers501127043107-15-120.40
Bracket Locker Handle7101283402-3007-15-1375.00
Bracket Handle Lockers7101283402U07-15-1335.00
Bolt Shaft Locker HandlesD07604002207-15-172.28
Ball Cup710128203107-15-181.31
Knob Handle 4x4/Lockers900986207-15-197.50
Bushing Knob Locker HandleSAV645607-15-19A4.50
Push Rod Lockers710128204107-15-204.14
Lever Handle Lockers Yellow710128356207-15-2133.90
Lever Handle Lockers/4x47101283562U07-15-2125.00
Clip Locker Handle901485007-15-234.67
Cleavis 4x4 Lockers900984507-15-245.62
Clevis with Pushrod9009845U07-15-245.50
Lever Handle 4x4 Green710128357207-15-2528.82
Lever for Handle Lockers710128344107-15-2713.26
Lever for Handle Lockers7101283441U07-15-275.00
Bolt Stainless Cover LockersD00965001207-15-280.32
Line Hydraulic Locker front Axle710128337207-15-3198.50
Line Hydraulic Locker Center Axle 6x6710128327207-15-32118.52
Line Hydraulic Locker rear Axle 4x4710128338207-15-3298.50
Line Hydraulic Locker rear Axle 6x6710128328207-15-33119.00
Line Hydraulic 4wd Transfer Case710128336207-15-3498.41
Line Hydraulic Master Cylinder 4wd710128333207-15-3732.56
Line Hydraulic M. Cyl Locker rear 6x6710128339207-15-3837.48
Line Hydraulic M. Cyl Locker Axle rear710128335207-15-3919.70
Line Hydraulic M. Cyl Lockers front710128334207-15-4019.78
Shaft Lever Diff Handle710128347107-15-4220.31
Connection T-Pc710128217207-15-4428.69
Connect T-Piece710128218207-15-4612.33
Dust Boot Diff Slave Cylinder710132418107-15-573.95

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