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PINZGAUER Gasoline 710/712: Parts Drawings
» Click on Part Description for details, picture and online ordering.
» All parts with a U at the end of the part number are used parts.
» Click parts group to show a parts drawing view.
» Use the quick search to find parts by part number, description or group number.
Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Carburetors Rebuilt Set Big Adj ScrewsSAV398001-40-00139.50
Carburetors Rebuilt Set Small Adj ScrewsSAV398101-40-00149.50
Carburetor Zenith NDIX 367121081300U01-40-01250.00
Carburetor front Zenith NDIX 36 SX17499712108161001-40-01695.00
Carburetor rear Zenith NDIX 36 SX17500712108162001-40-01695.00
Pump Lever Zenith NDIX 36700108443101-40-0314.50
Press Spring700108444101-40-043.61
Lever Acc. PumpSAV106801-40-058.50
Screw Carb top Zenith NDIX700108445101-40-073.50
Protect Straine712108557201-40-0815.92
Cover Carburetor700108431101-40-09278.95
Cover Carburetor7001084311U01-40-09165.00
Banjo Bolt Carburetor Zenith700108448101-40-104.50
Seal Ring900424101-40-110.34
Double Float Carb Zentih NDIX 36712108501201-40-1288.03
Double Float Carb7121085012U01-40-1265.00
Start Tube712108538101-40-1322.48
Gasket upper Housing Carb Zenith NDIX700108413101-40-147.50
Fastening Screw700108449101-40-154.62
Air Correction Jet 230 Zenith NDIX 367001084031-3001-40-189.97
Air Correction Jet 240 Zenith NDIX 367001084031-4001-40-189.97
Air Correction Jet 170 Zenith NDIX 367001084031-7001-40-1844.16
Emulsion Tube Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36712108502101-40-1914.14
Emulsion Tube Support712108539001-40-2089.50
Float Needle Valve Carb Zenith NDIX 36712108514001-40-2113.75
Adj Washer 1.0mm Carburetor Zenith NDIX900371001-40-222.09
Adj Washer 0.5mm Carburetor Zenith NDIX9003710-0501-40-220.95
Span Ring Carb504108461101-40-231.44
Accelerator Pump Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36712208512001-40-2418.50
Seal Accelerator Pump Carb Zenith NDIXSAV399901-40-24A4.50
Seal Ring Carb700108456101-40-251.29
Cover Jets CarburetorSAV3415U01-40-2645.00
Seal Carburetor Cover Side700108406101-40-276.50
Idle Jet 55 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 367001084051-5501-40-2829.69
Idle Jet 60 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 367001084051-6001-40-2819.50
Main Jet 125 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 367001084041-2501-40-2944.02
Main Jet 135 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 367001084041-3501-40-2921.04
Main Jet 140 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 367001084041-4001-40-2949.82
Idle Air Jet 110 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 367001084071-1001-40-3024.19
Idle Air Jet 130 Carburetor Zenith NDIX 367001084071-3001-40-3022.43
Float Housing Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36712208508001-40-31195.00
injection Tube Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36712108510101-40-3214.50
O-Ring Jets Carburetor700108429101-40-330.75
Jet Acc Pump 807001084091-8001-40-3427.12
Gasket Carburetor Zenith NDIX700108451101-40-351.29
Starter Jet7001084081-8001-40-3616.77
Sealing Ring Carburetor Zenith NDIX900370901-40-381.27
Gasket Choke Carburetor Zenith NDIX700108412101-40-392.77
Lever Choke Carb700108442001-40-4112.07
Starter Body Carb712108530201-40-4389.50
Starter Body Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36SAV684301-40-44165.00
Securing Disc700108441101-40-452.83
Press Spring700108440101-40-464.64
Gasket Housing lower Zenith NDIX 36712108525101-40-4718.25
Pump Pressure Valve Carb712108515201-40-4948.16
Pump Suction Valve Zenith NDIX 36700108447201-40-5150.29
Seal Ring Pump Suction Valve Carb700108452101-40-521.08
Cut off Valve Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36712108432201-40-5359.00
O-Ring Idle Adj Screw SmallSAV399101-40-544.39
Idle Adj Screw SmallSAV399001-40-5512.50
Plug Idle Adj Screw SmallSAV399501-40-561.50
Secur Spring700108418101-40-581.44
Thrust Spring Pump Rod Zenith NDIX700108427101-40-601.35
Pump Rod Carb Zenith NDIX712108528901-40-6122.50
Idle Adjusting Screw Large Zenith NDIX712108526101-40-622.50
Pressure Spring Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36700108438101-40-6313.21
Fold Washer Throttle Plate Zenith NDIX712108524101-40-642.50
Nut Carb Mount and Throttle Shaft700108035101-40-651.25
Cap Blue712108563101-40-660.55
Bracket on Carb712108533101-40-6811.50
Bracket on Carburetor7121085331U01-40-688.50
Stop Screw700108435101-40-6921.20
Stop Screw7001084351U01-40-6919.50
Seal Throttle Shaft712108540101-40-704.20
Washer Bolt CarburetorD07980002301-40-712.34
Bolt Carb Bottom712108039101-40-727.83
Throttle Body Carburetor Zenith NDIX 36712108555901-40-73395.00
Throttle Body7121085559U01-40-73185.00
Bolt Throttle Plate Zenith NDIX700108422101-40-752.72
Shaft for Throttle Valve Zenith NDIX 36712108522101-40-7511.50
Shaft Throttle 8.3mm Os CarbSAV399601-40-7530.70
Throttle Plate Carb Old StyleSAV399701-40-7521.50
Repair Kit Carb Small Adj Screw NDIXSAV399201-40-8056.50
Repair Kit Carb Small Adj Set of 2SAV3992A01-40-8089.50
Repair Kit Carb Big Adj Screw Zenith NDIXSAV399301-40-8049.50
Repair Kit Carb Big Adj Set of 2SAV3993A01-40-8079.50

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