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PINZGAUER Gasoline 710/712: Soft Top
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Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Soft Top front Swiss Army711387002226-10-01915.00
Plastic Window Soft Top Side/rearSAV484826-10-0325.00
Canvas Divider Behind front Seats711187003226-10-04450.00
Canvas Flap Side front Left Swiss711187005226-10-0693.50
Canvas Flap front Left Swiss7111870052U26-10-0640.50
Canvas Flap Side front Right Swiss711187004226-10-0793.50
Canvas Flap Side front RH/LH Swiss7111870042U26-10-0740.50
Canvas Flap Side front RH Austrian711487004226-10-0739.00
Soft Top rear Swiss Army 710M711187001026-10-082398.00
Soft Top rear Swiss Army 712M 6x6712187206226-10-082550.00
Belt front7111870372-9526-10-1012.50
Buckle Hood7111870422-5526-10-1322.31
Buckle Belt7111870422-9526-10-135.50
Bolt front top Mount StainlessD009650012B26-10-160.32
Bracket Soft Top upper/Side7111870101-5526-10-1741.92
Bracket Soft Top upper/Side7111870101U26-10-1712.00
Belt Loop Metal Soft Top Long711187016226-10-184.71
Belt Loop Metal for top Long7111870162U26-10-183.50
Hook for Rubber Strap front top700171088126-10-203.32
Rubber Strap for front top460983529426-10-2113.66
Belt Clip front top5011745621-F926-10-2219.15
Belt Loop Metal for top Short711187014226-10-232.81
Belt Loop Metal for top Short7111870142U26-10-231.75
Belt Loop711187217126-10-325.98
Roll Up Belt711187223226-10-3418.37
Hollow RivetD07331007026-10-400.55
Hook Soft Top rear7001875131-H326-10-462.95
Eye Metal on top front7001870320-126-15-015.29
Belt 20mm Wide 125mm Long711187026126-15-034.67
Rivet for top Loop 15mm900418826-15-040.66
Rivet for top Loop 12mmD07331004026-15-040.57
Hook for Belt711187043126-15-055.86
Loop Leather for top W:20mm711187027126-15-063.42
Loop Leather for top W:25mm711187028126-15-063.84
Leather Base711187029126-15-071.31
Rubber Cord top / Per FootSAV250026-15-080.95
Half Round Ring461987004126-15-091.46
Round Ring Stainless Rubber Cord Soft Top711187015126-15-102.95
Clamp Stainless Rubber CordSAV255026-15-110.85
Roll Up Belt7111870322-9526-15-1213.50
Rubber Pull Strap top rear711187048226-15-1328.62
Rubber Pull Strap top rear w/out Hook7111870482N26-15-1325.23
Hook on Side of top711187017126-15-142.03
Holder Rubber Cord on top rear711187018126-15-158.50
Rivet Washer901393626-15-171.04
Loop for Belt711287034126-15-230.57
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