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» All parts with a U at the end of the part number are used parts.
» The parts group refers to the group and drawing numbers in the original parts book.
   (Order Number: SAV8007).
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Part Description Part No. Group US$ Stock Pic
Float Carburetor Zenith NDIX 32000071104326.50
Spring Carb LinkaGE25011151.80
Idle Adj Screw Weber Carburetor50410842819.50
Pulley/Nut on Crankshaft7001020020139.29
Gasket Gearbox Cover70012109113.50
lower Spring Support700134224230.40
Hand Crank Starter with Lug Wrench700155006234.50
Hook for Rubber Strap front top70017108813.32
Seat Frame Rear RH7001790022149.33
Seat Bottom Cushion Rear LH or RH700179055293.50
Seat Frame Rear LH7001791022149.33
Cylinder Head Rebuilt LH7002040012466.66
Cylinderhead Rebuilt RH7002040022466.66
Hand Throttle Cable with Knob700227020016.00
Piston 80.50mm with Rings7003030116210.00
Axle Shaft front with CV Joint7003420580750.00
Turnsignal Lamp front Amber US-Version700385090048.00
Turnsignal Lamp rear Amber US-Version700385093047.00
Tail/Brake Lamp rear Red US-Version700485092047.00
Intake Manifold for NDIX Zenith 2 Barrel7005080282377.58
Hose Air Valve - Air Filter 1.6m7122190128-N16.38
Seal Ring Drain Plug90042170.95
Bearing Dyna Starter900620210.67
Tire 165-12 Maloya Swiss Army9010809198.00
Gauge Voltmeter 24 VoltSAV141446.50
Ignition Switch Swiss ArmySAV1550249.00
Electronic Ignition PertronixSAV2603115.50
Taillight LED 12V Swiss Army Look PairSAV3525B99.00
Front Seat Cusion Set with Rubber StrapsSAV4600459.00
Rear Seat Cusion Set with Rubber StrapsSAV4610359.00
Brake Shoes rear Relined Set 4SAV8606150.00
Race for CVSAV864923.24
Gasket Kit Steering GearSAV864201-0075.58
Brake Shoes front Relined Set 4SAV860201-01150.00
Horn Push Button700147027201-0513.30
Horn Push Button with Chrome TrimSAV824401-0517.92
Bushing Pitman Arm700147032101-0711.50
Gasket Wheel Drive front700142065101-095.07
Lug Nuts5011420801-124.90
Rubber Ring Spring700134029101-1211.40
Bushing Axle501234077201-1544.98
Bushing Kit AxleSAV864101-15A106.98
Seal Axle Shaft front Outer901382501-17B17.73
Spring Cup upper700134221201-1835.20
Seal Axle Shaft front Outer900382001-188.42
Bearing Axle Shaft front inner2382101-1922.80
Clamp Boot Axle Shaft5011342701-193.95
Axle Boot5011342501-2063.55
Displaying Parts: 1..50 of 261 Pages: [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 ] Next »
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